The Man Who Could Make Things Vanish

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What if you could make things vanish, purely with a simple effort of your mind? What would you do? Who would want to control that power?

Jack Cady, in The Man Who Could Make Things Vanish, releases a long pent-up everyman rage against a system that is designed to terrorize, inhumanize, and degrade the human experience. The secret organization behind this villainy is given a name here--Mobilier--and the only thing that can stop it from complete world domination is one man.

Cady, an outspoken critic of the military industrial complex and over-reaching government action, turns his considerable talents to pose a scathing "What if?" that is still terrifyingly relevant and cautionary today as it was when the book was first released twenty years ago.

This edition includes an introduction by Dale Bailey, winner of the Shirley Jackson Award.

Publication Date: 
January 15, 2017