The Many That I Am

The Many That I Am
A grandmother's tattoos, the advent of Christianity, stories woven into fabrics, a tradition of orality, the imposition of a "new" language, and a history of war and conflict--all of this and much more informs the writers and artists in this book. Filmmaker and writer Anungla Zoe Longkumer brings together, for the first time, a remarkable set of stories, poems, first-person narratives, and visuals that showcase the breadth of Naga women's creative and literary expression. The essays are written in English, a language the Nagas--who had no tradition of written literature--made their own after the arrival of Christianity in the region during the nineteenth century. In The Many That I Am, each writer speaks of the many journeys women undertake to reclaim their pasts and understand their complex present.
Publication Date: 
September 1, 2020