Marco Polo Israel

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Marco Polo Israel
Marco Polo Israel: the Travel Guide with Insider Tips Most travellers want to have fun and feel relaxed from the moment they arrive at their holiday destination - that's what Marco Polo Guides are all about. This new series will appeal to all types of travellers, including those who haven't bought a travel guide in the past! Marco Polo's unique insider tips are peppered throughout the guide - offering a real insight into the destination. Experience all the attractions of Israel with this up-to-date and authoritative guide, complete with Best Of recommendations. You'll find fantastic hotels, restaurants with great cuisine, trendy places to go and the best nightlife spots, as well as tips for shopping and getting by on a low budget. There are also ideas for those travelling with children and for active pursuits as well as a summary of the country's main festivals and events. Further sections include: Travel Tips, Links, Blogs, Apps & more, Hebrew phrases and index. Land of the Bible, melting pot of religions, the fountainhead of Christianity, with names, places, stories and histories that all seem so familiar. The source of faith melting pot of Jewish, Christian and Arab cultures. Land of the Exodus, of hope and the focus of international politics. Israel, more than 60 years old and so modern. With MARCO POLO Israel you will experience a fascinating phenomenon: almost everywhere you go you'll be accompanied by 3,000 years of history. The practical, pocket-sized guide introduces you to the contrasts of the daily routine, a veritable cocktail of modernity and tradition: ubiquitous practice of religion, bikinis on the beach and exciting club scene. Take in the beauty of the Negev Desert and the peace of the hills of Galilee: Israel is simply enthralling! The Insider Tips reveal where, like Jesus, you can walk on the Mount of Olives and the Mount of Beatitudes. The Best Of pages highlight some unique aspects of the country, recommend places to go for free, and have tips for what to do if it rains and where you can relax and unwind. Fascinating landscapes! Excursions & Tours lead you on a walk through Jerusalem's Old City to the important shrines of the three religions, and have you exploring biblical sites by the Sea of Galilee. Not interested in History, Jesus & Co? Israel is the perfect place for outdoor pursuits. The most important information with all the necessary contact details can be found in the Sports & Activities chapter. Finally the Dos & Don'ts keep you from inadvertently violating Jewish customs. MARCO POLO Israel provides comprehensive coverage of all parts of the country. To help you find your way around there are the Where First panels for the large cities of Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem, the detailed Road Atlas, a useful map of Jerusalem in the cover, plus a pull-out map.
Publication Date: 
December 3, 2012