The Mark of Zion:Congregational Life in Black Churches

The Mark of Zion:Congregational Life in Black Churches
The companion book in "The Shape of Zion. Leadership and Life in Black Chamber is the only Gallip-supported national sample of black relignary. Rasor and Dash propose that the black experiences in America offers a significance presence in the religious landscape of contemporary American Society. In rural, urban, store fronts--as well as mega churches--African American congregations folder in inward journey of spiritual growth and an outward journey of community outreach. The authors believe that churches must claim and/or reclaim this symbiotic journey to foster transformation in cities and towns in America during this century. To illustrate their thesis, the authors provide a penfile of black churches--based on data supported by the Gallup pull--that looks at a profile of black churches, congregants, black congregational identity, liturgy and worship patterns, congregational activities and missires, congregational assets, and resources and leadership in congregations.
Publication Date: 
November 20, 2003