Marti Guixe - Transition Menu : Reviewing creative gastronomy

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In "Transition Menu," the self-professed "ex-designer" Marti Guixe (born 1964) demonstrates how even food can be a design item. In this publication, Guixe presents his theories on food design by chronicling the fictional character, Mar Lopez, who, over the course of her career, transitions from chef and restaurant owner to food designer. The book showcases a variety of elements of the fictional food designer including her CV, kitchen concepts and menu design, with color photographs of each of the food items on Lopez's menu. Guixe describes how each component transcends a conventional approach to food to become a designer item. Each dish is presented in conjunction with a short essay that describes its modern look and functionality. "Transition Menu" expands upon Guixe's research on food design and includes his personal theories, thoughts and notes regarding the subject, by which he seeks to challenge and reappraise the parameters of conventional culinary habits.
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