Mathematical Lives:Protagonists of the Twentieth Century from Hilbert to Wiles

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Mathematical Lives:Protagonists of the Twentieth Century from Hilbert to Wiles
Preface.- Hilbert's Problems. A Research Program for Future Generations: U.Bottazzini.-The Way We Were. The Protagonists of the "Italian Spring" in the First Decades of the Twentieth Century: G.Bolondi et al.- Intermezzo: Verlaine and Poincaré from Etudes littéraires: P.Valéry.- B.Russell. Paradoxes and Other Enigmas: G.Rigamonti.- G.H.Hardy. A Brilliant Mind: R.Lucchetti.- E.Noether. The Mother of Algebra: A.Brigaglia.- Intermezzo: Carciopholus romanus from Furor mathematicus: L.Sinisgalli.- P.A.M.Dirac. The Search for Mathematical Beauty: F.La Teana.- The Theoretical Intelligence and Pratic Vision of J. von Neumann: R.Lucchetti.- K.Gödel. Completeness and Incompleteness: P.Odifreddi.- Intermezzo: In Homage to Gödel: H.M.Enzensberger.- R.Musil. The Audacity of Intelligence: C.Bartocci.- The Life, Death and Miracles of Alan Mathison Turing: S.Termini.- R.Caccioppoli. Naples, Fascism and the Post-War Period: A.Guerraggio.- B. de Finetti. The Foundations of Probability: D.M.Cifarelli.- A Committed Mathematician: G.I.Bischi.- A.N.Kolmogorov. The Basis of Probability, and More...: G.Boffetta et al.- Bourbaki. A Mathematician from Poldavia: G.Bolondi.- Writing and Mathematics in the work of R.Queneau: A.Ferraro.- J.F.Nash, Jr.. The Myth of Icarus: R.Lucchetti.- E.De Giorgi. Intuition and Rigour: G.Dal Maso.- L.Schwartz. Political Commitment and Mathematical Rigour: A.Guerraggio.- R.Thom. Conflict and Genesis of Forms: R.Betti.- Intermezzo: The Dream: J.L.Borges.- A.Grothendick: Enthusiasm and Creativity. A New Language at the Service of Imagination: L.Barbieri Viale.- G.-C.Rota. Mathematician and Philosopher: D.Senato.- S.Smale. Mathematics and Civil Protest: A.Guerraggio.- M.F. Atiyah. The Deep Reasons for Mathematics: C.Bartocci.- V.I.Arnol'd: M.Pedroni.- Enrico Bombieri: C.Bartocci et al.- M.Gardner: E.Peres.- Intermezzo: The Door of Miracles from Le Modulor: Le Corbusier.- F.W.Lawvere: R.Betti.- An Interview with A.Wiles: C.Bartocci
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October 9, 2010