When a farmer's horse runs away, his neighbors call it the worst of news.

Maybe, says the wise farmer, in what will become the book's refrain as more unexpected events come his way. This delightful tale teaches that what seems bad might be good; what seems good might be bad; and in the end, all are essential, helpful experiences in our personal journeys of growth.

Filled with dreamy woodblock prints and vintage illustrations, Maybe is a breathtaking invitation to remember that mindful, nonjudgment of life's highs and lows is a surer path to peace and wellbeing.


As you read this story, think about what the farmer says whenever something happens. Could good things be bad? Could bad things be good? Is it possible to not judge an event as either good or bad? A key to peaceful mindfulness is learning to accept rather than to judge. After you read the story, think about things that have happened in your life. Can you open your mind and fully accept them without judgment? Read on--the farmer shows the way!

Publication Date: 
January 4, 2022