Mechs vs Mutants

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Mechs vs Mutants
The Penguin has teamed up with Mr. Freeze and it's up to Batman, The Flash, Green Arrow, and all of their friends to stop them in this action-packed novelization that includes an eight-page full-color insert with stills from the Batman animated film, Mechs vs. Mutants!

Using Mr. Freeze's technology, the Penguin has super-sized Killer Croc, Chemo, Bane, and Clayface--and the giant villains are doing their best to level Gotham City for good. Batman and Robin team up with The Flash, Green Arrow, and Nightwing to control the damage, but the five heroes can only do so much. Luckily, Batman has his own brilliant scientist up his sleeve: Dr. Kirk Langstrom has engineered two massive mech suits to help Batman and Green Arrow put the Penguin's plans on ice. But will two superheroes in mech suits be enough to stop all six villains?

BATMAN and all related characters and elements (c) & (TM) DC Comics.

Publication Date: 
May 23, 2017