Memoir as Medicine

Memoir as Medicine
A wonderfully fresh and frank guide to why and how to write personal stories that will heal, liberate, inspire -- and entertain -- both writer and reader

Writing has been medicine for Nancy Slonim Aronie. At nine months old, her son Dan was diagnosed with diabetes. Then, at twenty-two, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. During the years she and her husband took care of Dan, and when he died at age thirty-eight, Aronie could not find the book she needed. So she wrote her memoir.

In teaching memoir writing, Aronie has found that everyone has a story to tell and that telling it is important. Sharing "this is who I am, these are the things that shaped me, this is where I am now" allows a kind of magic and healing to happen. Over decades of writing and teaching, Aronie has created a set of prompts, directions, and examples that she shares in Memoir as Medicine. She shows readers how to write through where they have been and into deep understanding, profound healing, and even unexpected joy.

Publication Date: 
March 22, 2022