Mike Busch on Airplane Ownership (Volume 1)

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Mike Busch on Airplane Ownership is the much-awaited sequel to his previous books Manifesto and Engines. In this two-volume set, Busch distills his wisdom from his more than 50 years as an aircraft owner. He brings his refreshingly commonsense and often outside-the-box approach to every aspect of owning and operating a general aviation aircraft.

Volume 1 covers selecting, purchasing, insuring, and maintaining an aircraft. Busch emphasizes that it is the aircraft owner-not his mechanics-who bears the regulatory responsibility for airworthiness. He discusses how to choose the right mechanic or shop and how to manage the maintenance they perform. Busch dissects the much-dreaded annual inspection, and how owners can keep it from spiraling out of control. He offers guidance about the all-important post-maintenance test flight, and how to deal with an owner's worst nightmare: a mechanical breakdown far from home.

Volume 2 (publication date Christmas 2019) covers the rules and regulations that every aircraft owner needs to know but is often not taught. It discusses owner-performed maintenance, troubleshooting techniques, aircraft modifications, twins, and resolving owner/mechanic disputes. It takes the reader on a guided tour through the various aircraft systems, discussing the operation, care and feeding of each one. It offers guidance on how to fly safely and efficiently, including leaning techniques, air-speed and altitude selection, and more. The volume concludes with Busch's thoughts about the future of owner-flown general aviation and where we're headed.

If you own an aircraft (or want to), these books will be an invaluable addition to your aviation library.

Publication Date: 
June 20, 2019