The Mindful Carnivore:A Vegetarian's Hunt for Sustenance

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After a childhood spent fishing for trout, Tovar Cerulli began to experiment with

vegetarianism in his teens. By the age of twenty, he was a vegan. A decade later, in

the face of declining health, he returned to omnivory and within a few years found

himself heading into the woods, rifle in hand.

Through his personal quest, Cerulli bridges the seemingly disparate worldviews of

hunting and vegetarianism: can fishing and hunting be respectful ways for humans

to connect with nature and their food? How harmless is vegetarianism? How do

we make peace with the fact that life is sustained by death? At once compassionate

and probing, The Mindful Carnivore offers fresh, thought-provoking ideas about the

food on our plates.

Publication Date: 
February 5, 2013