The Modern Spice Rack

The Modern Spice Rack
The Modern Spice Rack is a comprehensive guide to the most common spices in our cupboards, and how to best make use of them everyday. Spices have, historically, been a tricky ingredient. They're prevalent in everyone's kitchens, but too often are underused, stored badly and kept years beyond their 'best before date'. There's the perceived alchemy of making a curry from scratch and the stringent marrying of certain spices to specific cuisines. This cookbook encourages liberal, creative and everyday use - a well-timed pinch to elevate a dish, with a focus on great taste rather than being tethered to tradition. With colourful introductions give context to lesser-known spices and provide new insights into more familiar varieties, and accompanying recipes that are modern, global and taste-led, The Modern Spice Rack will transform standard groceries into something special.
Publication Date: 
May 9, 2023