More Noble Than War: A Soccer History of Israel-Palestine

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A new lens into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, revealing how soccer has influenced politics--and how politics has shaped the beautiful game.

Soccer has never been apolitical. This is especially true for Israel and Palestine. Its history in the region is longer than the conflict itself. Almost all of the earliest teams were formed by political leaders, and the sport always came with national aspirations attached. The game played a direct role in shaping the politics of both countries, and the view from the stands or the pitch shine a light on key moments in region's volatile history.

Award-winning author Nicholas Blincoe weaves a dramatic narrative filled with driven people who are inspired as much by nationalism as a love of the game. Brilliant teams are scattered by wars or sidelined through boycotts; players are arrested, expelled, driven to hunger strikes, or beaten or shot.

By turns tragic and hopeful, More Noble Than War offers the soccer field as a potential catalyst for resolution.

Publication Date: 
October 29, 2019