Before Morning

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Before Morning

2016 Staff Favorite

Beth Krommes's illustrations are a masterpiece by themselves, but the accompanying text is something more and as necessary. "Let quick things be swaddled, let urgent plans founder, let pathways be hidden from sight." Before Morning is an incantation for a world, or peace of mind, that no matter the weather we might, even briefly, let be. 

There are planes to fly and buses to catch, but a child uses the power of words, in the form of an invocation, to persuade fate to bring her family a snow day -- a day slow and unhurried enough to spend at home together.

In a spare text that reads as pure song and illustrations of astonishingly beautiful scratchboard art, Sidman and Krommes remind us that sometimes, if spoken from the heart, wishes really can come true.

Publication Date: 
October 4, 2016

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