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"A turning of the tables and charming artwork set this warm and funny bedtime book apart from its kin. . . . A guaranteed bedtime winner."--Jennifer M. Brown, Shelf Awareness

"This book is a true original in the best sense. Consider it your own little secret weapon in the war on bedtime. A find."--Elizabeth Bird, Fuse #8

The long-awaited follow up to My Dad Is Big and Strong, But . . ., My Dad at the Zoo is another tale of role reversal in which Dad reverts to the unsocialized, wild ways of childhood. Probably tired from all of his wearying antics around bedtime, here Dad heads off to the zoo with his son and goes completely zany.

Coralie Saudo is a children's book illustrator, who occasionally writes books as well. She has written and illustrated over twenty books and what connects them all is her sense of humor and play.

Kris Di Giacomo is an American who has lived in France since childhood. With varied techniques, she has illustrated over twenty-five books for French publishers, many of which have been translated around the world. She has published seven books with Enchanted Lion and delights in engaging children through visual wit and humor as well as good storytelling.

Publication Date: 
May 10, 2016