My Dog's First Year: A Journal

My Dog's First Year: A Journal
From the first magical walk in the park together, to your pooch's hilarious misadventures and mishaps, this book offers you prompts and cues to record that first wonderful year together, whether you have just welcomed a new puppy into your home or adopted an older dog. This journal also provides info on how to prepare for their arrival, as well as handy tips for training and fun activities you and your dog can do together to build trust. In words and pictures, you can document how your dog settles in, how they respond to the dreaded B-A-T-H, their favorite food and treats, the journeys you take together and their birthday, among many other precious memories that you won't want to forget. Something you can cherish forever, My Dog's First Year is an invaluable record of your early days with your new best friend. This book will have space for your favorite snaps of your new dog, as well as prompts to write memories of their naughtiest moments, toilet mishaps, funniest misadventures, and more.
Publication Date: 
October 1, 2019