My First Crossword Book

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Every Child Deserves A Crossword Puzzle.

When youngsters first begin learning to read and write words, they first comprehend simple words such as it, play, and up. Children learn sight words that they simply need to know just by looking at them. Toddlers also absorb words that must to be sounded out. As children get older, the words grow with them. The words become little bigger, a little longer, and a little more complicated. Many learning tools are available to practice word building skills, including crossword puzzles. They should also be using words every day and they should be read to by people who can model proper pronunciation and proper use of the words. My First Crossword Book is an excellent way to engage your child in a way that allows bonding and learning in a fun activity.

Such a puzzle is beneficial in so many ways - primarily in recognizing new words, spelling and logic. Puzzles are yet another example of game-based learning wherein children have fun playing while their brains absorb countless bits of information. It's time you expose your child to the wonderful world of active learning found in puzzles.

Publication Date: 
April 4, 2016