My Friend Natalia

My Friend Natalia

Award-winning author Laura Lindstedt makes her Anais Nin-like US debut with this mesmerizing tale of one woman's potent affliction: Natalia cannot stop thinking about sex. Narrated by her unnamed, ungendered therapist, who leaps at the chance to employ their most experimental methods, My Friend Natalia offers a gripping examination of the power dynamics always present but rarely ever spoken about in therapy. "Something flared within me," the therapist notes. "And it wasn't exclusively sympathy.?.?.?.?It was more like a sudden experience of harmony, wholly inappropriate given the circumstances..

By combining philosophy and literature, repressed childhood memories and explicitly unrepressed erotic experiences, their sessions quickly shed all inhibitions. As tension percolates, the therapist can't shake the question: What does Natalia really want? In prose charged with sharp banter and double entendres, My Friend Natalia takes a deconstructive approach to the self-help narratives of our times and announces Laura Lindstedt as a rare and unflinching literary talent.

Publication Date: 
March 23, 2021