My Life
The visionary choreographer and dancer Isadora Duncan (1877 1927) not only revolutionized dance in the twentieth century but blazed a path for other visionaries who would follow in her wake. While many biographies have explored Duncan s crucial role as one of the founders of modern dance, no other book has proved as critical as both historical record and vivid evocation of a riveting life as her autobiography. From her early enchantment with classical music and poetry to her great successes abroad, to her sensational love affairs and headline-grabbing personal tragedies, Duncan s story is a dramatic one. My Life still stands alone as a great document, revealing the truth of her life as she understood it, without reticence or apology or compromise (New York Herald Tribune). Now, in this fully restored edition, with its risque recollections and fervent idealism, My Life can be appreciated by a new generation."
Publication Date: 
May 27, 2013