My Mother's Philippine Recipes: Filipino Cookbook Recipes from Asian in America

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My Mother's Philippine Recipes: Filipino Cookbook Recipes from Asian in America
If you have a deep craving to try new flavors from a classic cuisine, cook from this collection of traditional Filipino recipes transformed to today's dishes in an American kitchen. Award-winning journalist, author and recipe blogger Elizabeth Ann Besa-Quirino presents "My Mother's Philippine Recipes" her second cookbook, a follow up to her first cookbook "How to Cook Philippine Desserts, Cakes and Snacks". Betty Ann, born and raised in the Philippines, of the popular blog Asian In America (, shares a special collection of her mother's recipes from her childhood, often cooked and served to family and friends who stopped by their home in Tarlac. Friends relished the multi-course meals her mother prepared, cooked with produce ingredients harvested from their backyard and farms, expertly grown by her father. Some family favorites in this cookbook: Sinigang na Baka with Lemongrass, Tokwa't Lechon, Pancit Palabok, Street-style Fish Balls, Carne Asada Kapampangan, Crispy Pata, Pork Barbecue, Spanish Cocido, Lechon Manok, Beef Kalitiran Pot Roast, Pastillas de Ube, Pastillas de Leche, Ube Puto-Leche Flan and some new dishes like Salted-Egg Potato Chips, Vegetable Siomai, Kangkong Salad with Salted Egg Dressing, Mango Tempura. In this cookbook of 30 selected recipes each with full- color photographs, the author sets out to demystify the notion that mom's cooking is hard to do. Betty Ann, now based in New Jersey, shares that you just need the right ingredients to recreate the flavors, the memories and the love mom put into each recipe. This cookbook is for the novice who wants to learn how to cook classic Filipino dishes or for the culinary pro who needs traditional inspiration.
Publication Date: 
October 5, 2017