My Sister Lives in the Sea

My Sister Lives in the Sea
"Close to perfect, beautifully limpid, but also with great power and that elusive quality of strangeness" Carnegie Medal Winner - Anthony McGowan

Through the eyes of her protagonist, Hazel Hawthorne, Faith Shearin shows us how one family can endure danger, illness, separation, and grief, using folklore as both escape and salvation.

My Sister Lives in the Sea weaves together folklore and life on a barrier island; the Hawthorne family fights through divorce and loss as Bigfoot lurks nearby.

Mermaids, sleeping sickness, Bigfoot, ghostly ships--this novel-in-stories weaves them all together with the joys and sorrows of the Hawthorne family.This novel-in-stories is both steeped in fairy tale and firmly planted in the sand at the edge of North Carolina, with the Hawthorne family deftly moving between the two. Follow Hazel Hawthorne as she navigates her parents' separation, hunts for Bigfoot along North Carolina's coast, and grapples with sleeping sickness and other lurking dangers. Faith Shearin takes us on a ride through folklore, fairy tales, tragedy, grief, and healing in this riveting novel-in-stories.
Publication Date: 
February 28, 2023