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April 27New Fiction and Poetry From the Seminary Co-op
April 23The Seminary Co-op's Front Table Newsletter - April 23rd
April 17CHOICE WORDS & more on the RETURN of this week's Front Table + Extended Free Shipping
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March 14An Update from the Co-op: Temporary Store Closure
March 12A message from the Seminary Co-op Bookstores regarding COVID-19
March 8WAYS OF HEARING, ARTS OF ADDRESS & More on This Week's Front Table + Pre-order Jesmyn Ward
March 1Books on Books w Craig Fehrman's AUTHOR IN CHIEF + The Front Table's New Classics
February 23Mikki Kendall's HOOD FEMINISM. Paul Krugman's ZOMBIES, Stone & Strauss on DEMOCRACY & EQUALITY & More Reads That Can't Wait!
February 16Get RE-ENCHANTED on This Week's Front Table + Off the Record w Open & N. K. Jemisin's THE CITY WE BECAME
February 9Preorder Piketty's CAPITAL & IDEOLOGY + Gabriel Bump's South Side Novel EVERYWHERE YOU DON'T BELONG & Jordan Alexander Stein on WHEN NOVELS WERE BOOKS
February 2Fail Better, Read Better on OPEN STACKS + THE OBAMA PORTRAITS & New Forms of Fulfillment on This Week's Front Table
January 27FORMS OF POETIC ATTENTION & THE ORDER OF FORMS w Lucy Alford & Anna Kornbluh + Lee Bey on Overlooked Architecture of Chicago's South Side
January 22In Other Words: Issue No. 3
January 20WHY WE CAN'T SLEEP by Ada Calhoun, Lisa Wedeen on AUTHORITARIAN APPREHENSIONS, Susan Stewart's RUINS LESSON & Adam Sonderberg's Front Table
January 12Back to School with Lee Anne Fennell's SLICES & LUMPS, ELEMENTARY POETRY & Winter 2020 UCHICAGO COURSEBOOKS + Preorder IN THE LAND OF MEN & More
January 6SAY WHAT HAPPENED on This Week's Front Table + E. Patrick Johnson's HONEYPOT & John Mark Hansen's THE CITY IN A GARDEN


December 29Co-op Notables: Book of the Decade + Last Call for Free Standard Shipping Through 12/31!
December 22Booksellers' TOP 5 IN 20 + Our Holiday Guide & 2019 Co-op Notables
December 15Gifts of Worth in Our Holiday Guide & 2019 Co-op Notables + Marginal Revolutionaries and Other Upcoming Events
December 10In Other Words: Issue No. 2
December 8Children Aren’t Boats: Kim Brooks & Julissa Arce on OPEN STACKS + PURE ADULTERATION on This Week's Front Table
December 2The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide & Co-op Notable Books w FREE Standard Shipping + Tomi Adeyemi, Robert Pippin & Other Notable Events
November 24Out of Season w Devin Johnston & Kathryn Scanlan's AUG 9––FOG + A HISTORY OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IN 50 OBJECTS
November 18Night of the Living Poems + In the Stacks w Etgar Keret, MOVING FORWARD w MoveOn.Org's Karine Jean-Pierre & Lauren Michele Jackson on WHITE NEGROES
November 10In Other Words: Issue No. 1
November 42019 National Book Award Finalists Jericho Brown, Ilya Kaminsky & Albert Woodfox + Walter Benjamin's ARCADES PROJECT at 20 & THE DAILY SHERLOCK HOLMES
October 27Approaching Inequality on This Week's Front Table + In the Stacks w Ocean Vuong & Rebecca Clarren
October 21Information Processing on This Week's Front Table + Martha Nussbaum, Morgan Parker, Reflections on Springsteen & More!
October 13Placemaking on MAXWELL STREET + Preorder WHITE NEGROES by Lauren Michele Jackson & More!
October 7Open Stacks Returns w Dani Shapiro & Tim Cresswell + Haun Saussy, Morgan Parker & the Psychology of Extremism on This Week's Front Table
September 29Back to School & BEYOND EDUCATION + Henry A. Giroux's Critical Reads & Powerful Books of CHF's Fall Festival
September 23Past, Present & Future NBA Nominees + Ta-Nehisi Coates, Akilah Hughes, Henry Winkler & More!
September 15Go Places w Fall 2019 UChicago Coursebooks + The Secret Lives of Color on This Week's Front Table
September 9National Book Award-winner Jacqueline Woodson w Samira Ahmed on RED AT THE BONE + Etgar Keret, Alex Kotlowitz, Akilah Hughes & More September Features
September 1A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE & Other Takes on Environmental Peril + Anthony Bourdain's LAST INTERVIEW
August 26Ocean Vuong Returns + Etgar Keret's FLY ALREADY, BLUE MYTHOLOGIES & More!
August 18THE WRONG OF RUDENESS & Other Ancient Wisdom on This Week's Front Table
August 11Renegade Anthropology w Charles King + Kim Brooks w Rebecca Makkai on Parenthood in the Age of Fear & Rev. Sharon Risher on Hope After Charleston
August 4COLLECTING THE WORLD on This Week's Front Table + Preorder Ta-Nehisi Coates' Debut Novel THE WATER DANCER & More!
July 21KEEPING THE WINDOW OPEN & Other Excursions on This Week's Front Table, Martha Nussbaum's THE COSMOPOLITAN TRADITION & More
July 14Ocean Vuong's ON EARTH WE'RE BRIEFLY GORGEOUS w Emily Yoon, New Poetry by Erika L. Sánchez & Emily Skaja + Preorder Margaret Atwood's THE TESTAMENTS
July 7The Social Life of Knowledge w New Readings of Foucault, Hegel & Children's Lit in Hitler's Germany
June 30Get Personal & Political w Lisa Duggan on MEAN GIRL AYN RAND, Joy-Ann Reid on THE MAN WHO SOLD AMERICA & Andrew Shaffer's Latest OBAMA-BIDEN MYSTERY!
June 23THE END OF FORGETTING & Other Traces of the Past on the Front Table + Reading is Powerful w CHF
June 16Summer Reading Ready w Kathryn Scanlan's AUG 9-FOG, Dani Shapiro's INHERITANCE, Johanna Fernandez on Mumia Abu-Jamal + Bishop Michael Curry & More!
June 9Robert Launay, Noura Erakat & "the Other" on Open Stacks + Explore UNDERLAND & Roots of Mass Violence on This Week's Front Table
June 2AGAINST NATURE w Lorraine Daston, TRAILBLAZER Dorothy Butler Gilliam & Josh Levin on THE QUEEN + Preorder Colson Whitehead, et al. Summer Reads!
May 31On Measure
May 26Are We There Yet? Fictions of Anxiety & Memory w Amit Chaudhuri & Evelyn Hampton + Histories of Gender & Sexuality on the Front Table
May 19Explore the "Nature" of Society w Lorraine Daston, Michael Pollan, Sheila Heti, Feminista Jones & More!
May 16Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Seminary Co-op’s Proposed Governance Transition
May 12Exoteric Advice w Edith Hall on Aristotle & the New Yorker's Helen Rosner on Julia Child + Maternal Reading on the Front Table
May 6Intersections of the Imagination w Leila Sales on UChicago's Extraordinary Scavenger Hunt & Sarah Rose on D-DAY GIRLS + "Get Away" w Seagull Books
April 28"Throw Out the Radio" w Florence Dore & Luke Fischer on Open Stacks + Making Sense of "Blurbs" & Vast Explorations on This Week's Front Table
April 22Moms, Dads, Grads & Kids 2019 Gift Guide + Wendy Doniger, DaMaris B. Hill, Rachel DeWoskin, CHF's 30th Anniversary, Independent Bookstore Day & More!
April 14In the Stacks w Women Warriors Pamela Toler & Carol Adams + the 2019 Albertine Prize, Barry Lopez's HORIZON & More Journeys Across the Front Table
April 8PICK UP THE PIECES w John Corbett, Harry Harootunian, Emily Bazelon, Damon Young, Teju Cole & CHF's Spring Festival
March 31Spring 2019 UChicago Coursebooks + Notes on Ferlinghetti's 100th Birthday Celebration, Poetic Events & the Front Table podcast
March 25Making Space w Yuval Taylor on ZORA AND LANGSTON, Dieter Roelstraete on KLEINE WELT, Pamela Toler's WOMEN WARRIORS & More
March 17Autobiographies of Song w Hanif Abdurraqib & Timuel Black + MUSICAL VITALITIES on This Week's Front Table 
March 11Power & Resistance w Valerie Jarrett + Austin Carson's SECRET WARS, Irad Kimhi's THINKING AND BEING & Daniel Immerwahr on HOW TO HIDE AN EMPIRE
March 3"The opposite of an out-of-body experience" with Eileen Myles, Alasdair Gray's DIVINE COMEDY & Dave Eggers
February 25Rereading the American Experience with Helen Zia, Hanif Abdurraqib, Amber Tamblyn, Alex Kotlowitz, and More!
 February 17Time-Illiterate? Try Reading w Marcia Bjornerud, James Joyce & Books Worth Your Time on This Week's Front Table
 February 11Leonard Pitts, Jr.'s Historical Page-Turner, Eileen Myles' EVOLUTION, Transformation in the Arts and More!
 February 3From a Distance: Rachel Galvin's NEWS OF WAR & Up Close with UNWATCHABLE + Warm Up w Books of Winter Institute
January 28UNWATCHABLE: A Panel Discussion + Stacie Williams' BIZARRO WORLDS, CHICAGO BY THE BOOK & Giants of Critical Theory
January 20Illegibility Writ Large: Dark Ages and Pages with Charles Bernstein and James Bridle + Image, Empire & Expanse on the Front Table
January 14Writing in the Margins + Kirkus Prize Winner Ling Ma, Timuel Black & How Aristotle Can Change Your Life
January 6New Directions w Clarice Lispector + Winter 2019 Course-Books, Emily Krone Phillips on THE MAKE-OR-BREAK YEAR, Éditions Allia & More
December 312018 By the Books: A Year in Review + Geoffrey Stone on THE FREE SPEECH CENTURY, January Events & New Beginnings on the Front Table
December 23Gifts Worth Giving, Lives Worth Living + Robert Alter's HEBREW BIBLE, Holiday Hours & More!
December 17Front Table Explorations Near & Far + 12 Days of Co-op Notables, Booksellers' Top 5 Books of 2018 & Daniel Levin Becker on READINGS FROM THE OULIPO
December 3Robert Pippin on HEGEL'S REALM OF SHADOWS, Bruce Lincoln's Explorations w Comparison, Giftable Signed Stock + FREE Standard Shipping Through 12/31!
November 26Peaceable Kingdoms of Books w 2018 Gift Guide & Co-op Notables + Marcia Bjornerud's TIMEFULNESS & David Shulman's FREEDOM AND DESPAIR
November 19Reading in an Age of Fear w Jack Zipes' ODDLY MODERN FAIRY TALES & Adam Kotsko on NEOLIBERALISM'S DEMONS + En tête-à-tête w French Lit
November 13Becoming a Stronger Community: Michelle Obama at the Co-op 11/13/18
November 5The Significance of Experience w Charlene Carruthers, Alberto Manguel, Imani Perry on Lorraine Hansberry & Jack Zipes' Oddly Modern Fairy Tales
October 29Thank you for staying home and reading a book!
October 29Stretching the Art/Life Divide w Sheila Heti's MOTHERHOOD, Martin Patrick In the Stacks, Leonard Mlodinow's ELASTIC & Artful Lives on the Front Table
October 22Get GRAPHIC with CHF + Sennett on ETHICS FOR THE CITY, Epstein on AROUSED, HOW TO SAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY & Sweet Sounds of The Front Table
October 18Tonight's the Night: Stay Home & Read for Our Non-Gala Gala!
October 1757th Street Books 35th Anniversary Celebration & Grand Re-opening with Toni Preckwinkle 10/20 + 35th Anniversary Contest!
October 15An Episodic Life w Pulitzer Prize Winner Andrew Sean Greer, Vladimir Nabokov's PNIN, Academic Novels & Scholarly Treats on The Front Table
October 11Where Won't You Sit at the Seminary Co-op Non-Gala Gala?
October 8Martha Nussbaum, Michael Ondaatje, J. M. Coetzee, David Ferry & the Relation of Story to Psyche on This Week's Front Table
October 4A Non-Menu of Bookish Fares for the Seminary Co-op Non-Gala Gala
September 30A Not Uncritical Open Heartedness: Open Stacks Returns w Peter Coviello, Stephen T. Asma, Lives in MIDDLEMARCH & Views From The Front Table
September 27The Seminary Co-op Non-Gala Gala
September 23TIMEFULNESS & Other Metrics on the Front Table + Fall Events Preview w Carol J. Adams, DeRay Mckesson, Justin Driver & More!
September 16Gary Shteyngart's LAKE SUCCESS + Léonora Miano's Novel of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Literary Audacity on the Front Table & the 2018 NBA Longlists
September 9WE'RE DOOMED. NOW WHAT? w Roy Scranton + Barbara Ransby on MAKING ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER, Nnedi Okorafor, Bob Woodward's FEAR & Knausgaard Giveawaay
September 2Preorder Eve Ewing's GHOSTS IN THE SCHOOLYARD & IRONHEART + Dawn Raffel & Stuart Dybek, Jacqueline Woodson, New Fall Poetry & More!
August 26Read It & Eat: Jean Iversen's Chicago Reads + Presidential Picks, New Works by Rilke & James Baldwin, and a Look ACROSS THE ART/LIFE DIVIDE
August 19An Obama Biden Mystery & LOCAL FLAVOR at 57th Street, Shteyngart & McKesson on Sale Now + GOOD NEIGHBOR Giveaway
August 12"Hilarious, Melancholic, Rapier-Sharp": Tickets On Sale for Gary Shteyngart’s LAKE SUCCESS & More + INFINITE RESIGNATION: A Reading List
August 5Save the Date for Carol J. Adams, Roy Scranton & more + the Art of Book Signing w Pope. L
July 29Exemplars of Modernism Shape This Week's FRONT TABLE + Kelli Korducki on BREAKING UP, and a Panel Discussion on AMERICAN HATE
July 15Tune Into Peter Coviello & Jessica Hopper on LONG PLAYERS + Steve Brusatte on THE RISE & FALL OF THE DINOSAURS & DOLLY PARTON'S MOUNTAIN DREAM
July 8Views from the Front Table & Eve Ewing's Window + Hall Gardner on WORLD WAR TRUMP, David Varel's LOST BLACK SCHOLAR & Caldecott Winner Bryan Collier
July 1Stephen Dillon on QUEER POLITICS OF THE PRISON STATE, Edward McClelland on LEGENDS OF THE MIDDLE WEST, American Histories & a Return to MODERN TIMES
June 26Co-op Chronicle / Vol 2. - No. 1
June 17UChicago Summer Coursebooks: Your All Access Pass + The Front Table Charts New Futures & Linda Gartz's Memoir of 1960s Chicago
June 1The Co-op Now, as Ever: A Call to Action
May 28SHIFTING THE CITY + Douglas Farr's SUSTAINABLE NATION, Richard Munson on TESLA, AN ACADEMIC LIFE w Hanna Holborn Gray, New Critical Histories & More!
May 222018 Sale at the Seminary Co-op & 57th Street Books 6/1-6/30
May 13Pulitzer Prize Winner James Forman Jr. on OPEN STACKS + Christopher Grobe on THE ART OF CONFESSION, Lauren Pond's TEST OF FAITH & Jesmyn Ward at CHF
May 6OPEN STACKS on Marshall Sahlins + Simon Winchester, Jesmyn Ward, Gifts for Moms, Dads, Grads & a Celebration of Hanna Holborn Gray's AN ACADEMIC LIFE
April 29THE MADNESS MACHINE TOUR w Franny Choi & sam sax + Lisa Page on PASSING IN AMERICA, 2018 Laing Prize Winners, and OPEN STACKS on Children's Book Week
April 22CHF Gets GRAPH!C + Ted Rall on THE PEOPLE’S POPE, Edward Tenner on WHAT BIG DATA CAN’T DO, Poetry & Place (& Food!)
April 8Laing Prize at 55, David Faris FIGHTS DIRTY, Reading/Performance by David Grubbs, Poets Valerie Wallace & Ana Ristovic + ALL THINGS POETRY on PERSON-A
April 2ALL THINGS POETRY on OPEN STACKS + Kathryn Lofton & Alan Thomas, Anthony Ray Hinton, and a Celebration of the Life & Work of Ted Cohen
March 18Toussaint Losier on OPEN STACKS + Orly Lobel on Barbie's Dark Side and Catalina Florina Florescu on TRANSNATIONAL NARRATIVES IN ENGLISHES OF EXILE
March 11NBA Winner Daniel Borzutzky on LAKE MICHIGAN, Tim Mehigan on J.M. COETZEE, Reza Aslan & ART & TIME on OPEN STACKS
March 4Help Us Help You Find French Lit + HISTORY FROM BELOW, Adam Winkler on WE THE CORPORATIONS & National Poetry Slam Champion Elizabeth Acevedo
February 25Marc Lamont Hill on OPEN STACKS + Thomas Dodman on WHAT NOSTALGIA WAS, Natalie Hopkinson on A MOUTH IS ALWAYS MUZZLED & STRONG WOMEN OF ROMANCE
February 18In Search of French Lit + André Aciman, Will Boast on DAPHNE, Haun Saussy on TRANSLATION AS CITATION & Jeffrey Tulis on LEGACIES OF LOSING
February 11CORRECTION: Say Bienvenue to French Lit + OPEN STACKS on BLACK MUSICS, Ben Austen on HIGH-RISERS, Scriptnotes' John August & More!
February 4Lisa Page on PASSING IN AMERICA, Neda Maghbouleh on THE LIMITS OF WHITENESS, Our Final Caption Contest Winner and Hegemonies & Tech on OPEN STACKS
January 28Myths & Folktales on OPEN STACKS + Ganesh Sitaraman on THE CRISIS OF THE MIDDLE-CLASS CONSTITUTION and Michael Gallope on DEEP REFRAINS
January 21EARLY GREEK PHILOSOPHY w Ed. Glenn Most + Life on Film on OPEN STACKS, Laura Engelstein on RUSSIA IN FLAMES, Laura Letinsky & John Muse on TIME & ART
January 14Denis Johnson Tribute Tour, William Mazzarella on THE MANA OF MASS SOCIETY, Journeys Through Anxiety on OPEN STACKS, #1 Caption Contest Winner & More!
January 7Winter 2018 Co-op Trading Cards, Prizes & Chance to Win 25 LOEB CLASSICS + Smart Museum Curators on REVOLUTION EVERY DAY, and SINGING IN DARK TIMES
December 31Ce-LOEB-rate the LOEB CLASSICAL LIBRARY + Steven J. Ross on HITLER IN LOS ANGELES and 2017 Co-op Staff Favorites!
December 24Winter 2018 Coursebooks + A Year in Review on OPEN STACKS, Mary Beard's WOMEN & POWER and More New Selections from the FRONT TABLE 
December 18Co-op Chronicle / Vol 1. - No. 2
December 18Home for the Holidays with OPEN STACKS, Only-at-the-Co-op Gift Ideas & More!
December 10FREE Holiday Shipping Ends Soon + SINGING IN DARK TIMES, Jonathan Eig on ALI, David N. Schwartz on ENRICO FERMI & Eileen Myles' Dog-Eared Reading
December 3Augustus Rose & Baird Harper on OPEN STACKS + Jonathan Losos on IMPROBABLE DESTINIES, Daniel Ellsberg at the AWM & the 56th Annual Shareholder Meeting
November 26CORRECTION: National Book Award Winner Masha Gessen & Franz Nicolay on OPEN STACKS + Marshall Sahlins, Luvvie Ajayi, and THE CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE
November 242017 Co-op Notables & Holiday Gift Guide + FREE Standard Shipping Through 12/31!
November 19Open Stacks on UNNATURAL HUNGERS + George Stigler's Economist Postcards, Kaushik Sunder Rajan on PHARMOCRACY, THE RISE & DECLINE OF US GLOBAL POWER
November 12Jed Perl on CALDER + Resmaa Menakem on Racialized Trauma, Richard Stern's OTHER MEN'S DAUGHTERS, Mike Duncan on THE STORM BEFORE THE STORM & Teju Cole
November 5FUTURES OF BLACK RADICALISM + James McAdams on World Communism, Julia Alekseyeva & Hillary Chute on SOVIET DAUGHTER, Jed Perl's Selected Bibliography
October 16Eileen Myles on Open Stacks, Humanities Day + Humanities Fest, Lit & Luz, and Hill, Patch & Schlichtman on GENTRIFIER 
October 9WHAT THE QUR'AN MEANT w Garry Wills, WHO READS POETRY w Poetry's Don Share & Fred Sasaki, Alice Kaplan's Paris Reads + BECOMING GOD IN ANCIENT EGYPT
October 2Celebrate CHICAGO STYLE w the University of Chicago Press + New Fall Literature, Eve Ewing on ELECTRIC ARCHES and Liesl Olson on CHICAGO RENAISSANCE
September 24Back to School w Eileen Myles, UCHI 101 on Open Stacks, Co-op Trading Cards, Thad Vogler + Mezcal @ 57th Street Wines & More!
Septembr 18FALL '17 UCHICAGO COURSEBOOKS + HYDE PARK LEGENDS & LORE, New Poetry w Anthony Madrid, Elise Paschen & POETRY Magazine, THE CHINESE TYPEWRITER & More!
September 10AUTUMN COMES EARLY w Karl Ove Knausgaard + AURAL FIXATIONS w John Corbett & Superchunk's Matt Macaughan, Cheryl Reed & Sara Paretsky on POISON GIRLS!
September 3Welcome SIMTEMBER w the Penguin Maigret Series + Classics, SUMMER IS OVE w KARL OVE KNAUSGAARD, TAMIL SAINTS & POETS w/ David Shulman and Ravi Shankar
August 27RUST BELT CHICAGO: AN ANTHOLOGY + "MATTERS OF TASTE" on OPEN STACKS, Enter to Win Wine from 57th St Wines and Make Some Noise for THE BOOK OF DISQUIET
August 20OPEN STACKS #15 FAITH IN CHOICE: Dr. Willie Parker & D. A. Dirks + More Books / More Looks of Disquiet and Selections from THE FRONT TABLE
August 14Camille Bordas w Jessica Anne on HOW TO BEHAVE IN A CROWD, Bruce R. Wilkerson + Open Stacks BEYOND BARS w Susan Burton, Michaela Soyer & Sharlyn Grace
August 7Books/Looks of Disquiet w Pessoa & New Directions + Open Stacks on Saul Steinberg & George Herriman, Jeremy McCarter on YOUNG RADICALS
August 3Karl Ove Knausgaard: Tickets on Sale Now!
July 30Open Stacks on American Healthcare + Readings by Susan Blumberg-Kason & Sonali Dev, Politics & Enhancing Life: A Selected Bibliography and New Criticism
July 24Co-op Chronicle / Vol 1. - No. 1
July 23At Home in the Wild on OPEN STACKS, Richard V. Reeves w WBEZ's Odette Yousef on DREAM HOARDERS, ENHANCING LIFE: A Public Interdisciplinary Conference
July 17SEX ED on OPEN STACKS + David Daley w Rick Perlstein on RATF**KED, John Corbett on VINYL FREAK, Silver Room Summer Launch Party w Duriel E. Harris!
July 10SHAKE IT UP w Thoreau & Library of America + Theater Oobleck's BAUDELAIRE IN A BOX, COMFORT FOOD: MEANINGS & MEMORIES, Detective Abe Lincoln and More!
July 3Celebrate Revolutionary Literature with Thoreau and the Library of America + China Mièville on OPEN STACKS, Selections from The Front Table and More!
June 25June 2017 Sale Ends Soon + Selected Reading by Arundhati Roy & Edward Moore, Open Stacks w Simon Critchley, Indie Bookstores' Summer Reads and More!
June 19Tour CHICAGO'S GRAND MIDWAY w Norman Bolotin + Haroon Moghul on HOW TO BE A MUSLIM, Edward K. Moore w the Chicago Sinfonietta & Arundhati Roy Returns!
June 11LOVE ON TRIAL w Kris Perry & Sandy Stier, Sarah Shourd on Solitary Confinement, Mary Plouffe on Grief & Childhood, TO OFFER COMPASSION: A BIBLIOGRAPHY
June 1On the Necessity of Books: A Call to Action
May 28Introducing Open Stacks: The Seminary Co-op Bookstore Podcast + Angela Jackson on Gwendolyn Brooks, Kevin Coval and the Co-op's June Sale
May 21A Reading by Simon Critchley + China Miéville on OCTOBER, Laura Kipnis on UNWANTED ADVANCES, and the Pleasure and Pain of Translating GHALIB!
May 192017 Sale at the Seminary Co-op & 57th Street Books 6/1-6/30
May 1James Forman Jr. on LOCKING UP OUR OWN + Dr. Willie Parker, Poets August Kleinzahler and Susan Stewart, and 57th Street Books' Spring 2017 Gift Guide!
April 24Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal on AN AMERICAN SICKNESS, Siddhartha Mukherjee on THE GENE, Lisa Wade on AMERICAN HOOKUP, Angela Jackson's New Novel and More!
April 17Eliot Weinberger on Harvard UP's Murty Classical Library + Deb Olin Unferth & Eula Biss, Poets Vincent Katz & Charles Borkhuis, and St. Jordi 2017!
April 14Video of Co-op Town Hall Meeting & Further Resources
April 10NPR's Scott Simon on MY CUBS: A LOVE STORY, Catharine A. MacKinnon on BUTTERFLY POLITICS, Ravi Shankar on ANDAL + Advice for Poets from UChicago Press
April 3Celebrate University Press Poetry Month and Czesław Miłosz + David Shulman's TAMIL, Philippe Desan's MONTAIGNE, Gwendolyn Brooks at 100
March 29Reminder: Co-op Town Hall Meeting 4/13
March 27Spring 2017 Coursebooks + Donna Seaman Rediscovers Seven Women Artists, FIELD RECORDINGS FROM THE INSIDE, Poets Rosanna Warren & Jennifer Scappettone
March 19CITIZENSHIP AND RIGHTS: A Selected Bibliography + NBA Freedom Fighter Craig Hodges and Award Winning Fiction by Deepak Unnikrishnan and Boris Fishman
March 6Henry Giroux on Reading and Thinking Dangerously + Steve Early on REFINERY TOWN, Ada Palmer on SEVEN SURRENDERS, and New Poetry by Elizabeth Arnold 
February 28Save the Date: Co-op Town Hall Meeting 4/13
February 27Celebrating the Complete Works of Seneca + Kate Hennessey on Dorothy Day, David Moss on DEMOCRACY w Richard Posner & CRITICAL READS  
February 15The Future of the Co-op: A Message from the Director
February 13Critical Reading by Sarah Hammerschlag + VIOLENCE AS A GENERATIVE FORCE, FRESH AYERS w Andy Carter & Rachel Branham, Matt Eisenbrandt on Óscar Romero
February 5#READING IS CRITICAL + Su’ad Abdul Khabeer on MUSLIM COOL, Marie Hicks on PROGRAMMED INEQUALITY, and New Books in 18th Century Studies
January 29Jonathan Lear w Martha Nussbaum on WISDOM WON FROM ILLNESS, Michael Tisserand on KRAZY, An Excerpt from THE SENSATIONAL PAST + MOOMINLAND MIDWINTER!
January 22Michael Eric Dyson w Natalie Moore + Franklin Gamwell on Religious Freedom & Democracy, Gillian Thomas on BECAUSE OF SEX, THE POPE OF PHYSICS & More!
January 15Michael Eric Dyson on TEARS WE CANNOT STOP, Pamela Roberston Wojcik on FANTASIES OF NEGLECT, Adam Kotsko on The Problem of Evil + COMEDY: AN ISSUE
January 8Announcing A CEERES of Voices w Domnica Radulescu + Emily Lordi on DONNY HATHAWAY LIVE, New Poetry by Peter O'Leary, Steven Toussaint and Clint Smith
January 2Bundle up w WINTER '17 UCHICAGO COURSE BOOKS + Tim Lapetino on ART OF ATARI, THINKING ABOUT THE TORAH w Kenneth Seeskin, and 31 Days of E. M. Cioran!
December 272017 Events Preview with Michael Eric Dyson, Jonathan Lear, Ayana Mathis and More, a Donny Hathaway Reading List + Fill Your Co-op Tote for $5! 
December 19"Notable" Books and Events of 2016, Selected Reading by Darby English, Holiday Book Drive and More!
December 11Storytime w/ Stacey Previn on IF SNOWFLAKES TASTED LIKE FRUITCAKE, Franny's December Favs + Give (and Get) "Thanks" This Holiday w/ a Co-op Gift Card!
December 4Co-op Notable Books of 2016 and FREE SHIPPING EXTENDED + Tyehimba Jess on OLIO, R. J. Nelson on DIRTY WATERS, Poets Reginald Gibbons and Alan Shapiro 
November 29Give thanks with Seminary Co-op gift cards
November 27FREE SHIPPING ENDS 11/30 + Keramet Reiter on Solitary Confinement, Robyn C. Spencer on Black Power, SNOW DAY at 57th St. and our HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE!
November 20In Conversation: Marshall Sahlins + John Eklund's University Press Favorites, Niall Atkinson on THE NOISY RENAISSANCE and Storytime w Special Guests! 
November 13Celebrate Community w/ University Press Week + Peter Frase on LIFE AFTER CAPITALISM, Robert Strauss on WORST PRESIDENT EVER, Cookie Johnson and MORE!
November 7FREE MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING 11/9-30 + DEBATING DARWIN, Joshua Clover on UPRISINGS, Kate Hannigan BOOK LAUNCH, Marshall Sahlins: In Conversation & 10% off
October 31EGYPTOMANIA: A Selected Bibliography + Medea Benjamin on KINGDOM OF THE UNJUST, Scott Bruce on THE PENGUIN BOOK OF THE UNDEAD, Au Revoir ANGST-TOBER!
October 24COURTING DEATH: A Selected Bibliography + Marcus Samuelsson on THE RED ROOSTER COOKBOOK, Steven Sherrill, and Halloween Fun at 57th Street Books! 
October 17ANGST-TOBER endures w Alice Kaplan on LOOKING FOR "THE STRANGER" and Eliot Weinberger on THE GHOSTS OF BIRDS + Confronting Trump and Fundamentalism
October 12Seminary Co-op Board Seeks Nominations
October 10Lloyd Sachs on T BONE BURNETT, Forrest Stuart on DOWN, OUT, & UNDER ARREST, Christine Sneed and Shawn Shiflett on Virginity + Celebrating the Co-op!
October 6Zadie Smith: Tickets on Sale Fri. 10/7 12pm
October 2William Domnarski & Judge Richard Posner, Dr. Lori A. Barker on OBAMA ON OUR MINDS, Aaron Schuster on THE TROUBLE W PLEASURE + Q&A w Carol Becker
September 25Bill Ayers on DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE, Identity Politics and/as Class Politics with Walter Benn Michaels, Announcing the Urban Readers Series and More!
September 19Ed Yong on the Microbes Within Us, John Freeman on FAMILY, Timothy Garton Ash on FREE SPEECH, Hillary Clinton's Faux Feminism + Celebrate Roald Dahl!
September 11Colson Whitehead w Natalie Moore on THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, The Hold Steady's Franz Nicolay, FRESH AYERS w Alan Wieder on STUDS TERKEL + Magritte!
September 5Back to School w Nicholson Baker and Bill Ayers, OUT OF THE WRECK I Rise: A Recovery Reading List, Franny's September Picks + OFF Course Books!
August 29Events 8/29-9/12: Nicholson Baker on SUBSTITUTE with Bill Ayers, Chinaka Hodge on DATED EMCEES + See summer through with Penguin Classics!
August 21Events 8/22-8/29: Darryl "DMC" McDaniels on TEN WAYS NOT TO COMMIT SUICIDE, Showcase of Queer Chicago Poets with Jay Besemer, H.Melt and Evan Kleekamp
August 14Events 8/15-8/22: Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche on OUR PRISTINE MIND, Trio Accord in concert, Campout at 57th St Books, Skip the trip with Penguin Classics!
August 8Events 8/8-8/15: Mychal Denzel Smith on INVISIBLE MAN, GOT THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHING and Marc Lamont Hill on NOBODY + Have Penguin Classics will travel
July 31Pack light with Penguin Classics + Late Summer Events Preview and Franny's August Picks!
July 24Events 7/25-8/1: HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD Midnight Release Party at 57th Street Books + Last Week to Save (on the Library of) America!
July 17Events 7/18-7/25: John Koethe on THE SWIMMER and David Trinidad on NOTES ON A PAST LIFE + staff recs of LoA and Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Winners
July 10Events 7/11-7/18: Aaron Shkuda on THE LOFTS OF SOHO, Julie Byrne on THE OTHER CATHOLICS, Children's Literature 'Ask the Agent' Fest + More LoA!
July 3Events 7/4-7/11: Kalisha Buckhanon on SOLEMN, Q&A w Julie Byrne, Celebrate The Boston Globe Horn Book Awards and (the Library of) America!
June 26Events 6/27-7/4: Liza Featherstone, Doug Henwood, Yasmin Nair and Kathleen Geier on Hillary Clinton's Faux Feminism + Final Days of Member Sale!
June 19Events 6/20-6/27: LaShonda Katrice Barnett on JAM ON THE VINE, WOMEN ARTISTS OF LATIN AMERICAN Stencil Workshop + Craft Talk with Edward Kelsey Moore
June 12Events 6/13-6/20: Michael Harvey on BRIGHTON, Karen Greenberg on ROGUE JUSTICE, RICKIPEDIA with Jason Stahl on RIGHT MOVES + Co-op Stories
June 6Events 6/6-6/13: Cass R. Sunstein on STAR WARS, Toni Nealie & Aviya Kushner, Catherine Fennell on LAST PROJECT STANDING + Q&A with Martin Seay 
May 31The Future of the Co-op: A Call to Action from the Director
May 29Events 5/30-6/6: Martha Nussbaum on ANGER & FORGIVENESS, Jean Trounstine on BOY WITH A KNIFE, New Children's Manager Franny Billingsley + Member Sale!
May 22Events 5/23-5/30: Philip Bohlman on JAZZ WORLDS/WORLD JAZZ, Martin Seay on THE MIRROR THIEF, David Satter on RUSSIA'S ROAD TO TERROR & DICTATORSHIP
May 20Annual Member Sale 6/1-6/30!
May 16Events 5/16-5/23: Dan Fox on PRETENTIOUSNESS, Ada Palmer on TOO LIKE THE LIGHTNING, Jonathan Cole on TOWARD A MORE PERFECT UNIVERSITY, + Ana Castillo!
May 9Events 5/9-5/16: Books from Poland! + Simon Montefiore on THE ROMANOVS, Larissa MacFarquhar on STRANGERS DROWNING, MASTERS OF MAPS Children's Program
May 2Events 5/2-5/9: Campbell McGrath on XX, Sayed Kashua on NATIVE, Bill Ayers BOOK LAUNCH, Adina Hoffman, Deirdre McCloskey, + Publish or Parody Contest!
April 25Events 4/25-5/2: Kirstin Chen on SOY SAUCE FOR BEGINNERS, French author Andreï Makine, Will Howell on RELIC, LPS on AFTER SCALIA, INDIE BOOKSTORE DAY!
April 17Events 4/18-4/25: Celebrate St. Jordi's and #PocketPoem Day + Mary Ann Newman on PRIVATE LIFE, Wendy Doniger on REDEEMING THE KAMASUTRA, FRESH AYERS
April 11Events 4/11-4/18: Liesl Shurtliff BOOK LAUNCH - RED, NYTimes' A. O. Scott on BETTER LIVING THROUGH CRITICISM, + Whiting Award Winner Brian Blanchfield
April 3Events 4/4-4/11: Celebrating Michael Fishbane, Haun Saussy on THE ETHNOGRAPHY OF RHYTHM, Kettly Mars on SAVAGE SEASONS, FRENCH VOICES Q&A, PoetryMonth
March 28Events 3/28-4/4: Natalie Moore on THE SOUTH SIDE, Daniel Raeburn on VESSELS, 4 Editors of Critical Inquiry, Barry Schwabsky on THE PERPETUAL GUEST
March 21Events 3/21-2/28: Essays from the Iowa Writing Program, Paul Engler on Nonviolent Revolt, John Corbett on Free Improvisation, + Coloring Workshop!
March 13Course Books NOW! + Events 3/14-3/21: Matthew Desmond on EVICTED, Paul Lisicky & Garth Greenwell, 30 Years of Essays from the Iowa Writing Program
March 6Events 3/7-3/14: John D'Agata on the American Essay, Stephen Stigler's Statistical Wisdom + Shaka Senghor Writes His Wrongs
February 29Events 2/29-3/8: Deborah Jian Lee on RESCUING JESUS, Wendell Potter & Nick Penniman on NATION ON THE TAKE, LPS on "Campus Wars," + Attempt to Essay!
February 22Events 2/22-2/29: Daniel Zamora on FOUCAULT AND NEOLIBERALISM, Toni Sala on THE BOYS, Lester K. Spence on KNOCKING THE HUSTLE + Last Days of Adorno
February 14Events 2/15-2/22: LPS w Rick Perlstein on "Trump as Fascist?", Maylis De Kerangal on THE HEART, FOUCAULT AND NEOLIBERALISM, and Q&A w Two Lines Press
February 7Events 2/8-2/15: Lou Agosta on EMPATHY, Tanisha C. Ford on LIBERATED THREADS, Poet Ed Roberson, Rave Reviews for Garth Greenwell's WHAT BELONGS TO YOU
January 31Events 2/1-2/8: Lawrence Hill on THE ILLEGAL, Leif Wenar on BLOOD OIL, John Donvan & Caren Zucker on THE STORY OF AUTISM, + ADORNO A DAY
January 24Events 1/25-2/1: John Hagedorn on THE INSANE CHICAGO WAY, Brian T. Edwards on AFTER THE AMERICAN CENTURY, Literary Public Sphere on Islam in France
January 17Events 1/18-1/25: Ethan Michaeli on THE DEFENDER, Celebrating Michael Fishbane, Aviya Kushner on THE GRAMMAR OF GOD, & Q&A w/ Carlos Labbé
January 10Events 1/11-1/18: Jason Moore on CAPITALISM IN THE WEB OF LIFE, Margo Jefferson on NEGROLAND, RICKIPEDIA & FRESH AYERS
January 3Welcome JOUBERTuary with 10% Off All NYRB Classics & Casey B. Mulligan on SIDE EFFECTS AND COMPLICATIONS
December 27A Look Back and Ahead, with Margo Jefferson on NEGROLAND, LPS on ISLAM IN FRANCE, and More
December 6Events 12/7-12/14: 54th Annual Member Meeting, Alexander Wolff's AUDACITY OF HOOP
November 29Events 11/30-12/7, Holiday Gift Guide Ed.: Dana Suskind on 30 MILLION WORDS, Lit. Public Sphere on Autism, Joy-Ann Reid on FRACTURE
November 15Events 11/16-11/23: Dominic Pacyga on SLAUGHTERHOUSE, Curtis White on WE, ROBOTS, Lit. Public Sphere on Syria w/Lisa Wedeen
November 8Events 11/9-11/16: Garth Risk Hallberg on CITY ON FIRE, French Lit in the US w/Luc Sante & Aleksandar Hemon, Sheila Fitzpatrick on ON STALIN'S TEAM
November 1Events 11/2-11/9: Greg Grandin on KISSINGER'S SHADOW, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Sarah Weinman + Sara Paretsky on WOMEN CRIME WRITERS
October 26Events 10/26-11/2: Jonathan Fineberg + Theaster Gates, Lit. Public Sphere w/Charles Mills, Harry Harootunian on Marx, Robert Lax's "Uncommon Life" 
October 19Events 10/19-10/26: John Boyer on THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO: A HISTORY, Walter Benn Michaels, Jonathan Fineberg + Theaster Gates
October 11Events 10/12-10/19: Vu Tran's DRAGONFISH, the BreakBeat Poets, NEIN: A Manifesto, Graywolf Poetry Tour & a BAFFLER Forum
October 5Events 10/5-10/12: FREEMAN'S Release w/John Freeman + Aleksandar Hemon, Kristin Hersh, Naja Marie Aidt + More
September 28Events 9/28-10/5, Back to School Edition: From Pope Francis to the Anthropocene
September 21Events 9/21-9/28: Poetry Reading with Parneshia Jones & Ellen Hagan, NIGHTFALL Release with Peter Kujawinski & Jake Halpern
September 14Events 9/14-9/21: Peter Wächtler, Georgi Gospodinov, Cecilia Vicuña
September 7Events 9/7-9/14: Hal Foster, Andrés Neuman & CAConrad 
August 23Events 8/24-31: Zachary Leader on Saul Bellow, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on "An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States" with Bill Ayers
August 16Events 8/17-8/31: Christine Sneed, Zachary Leader on Saul Bellow + Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on "An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States"
August 7Readers at Robie: An Exclusive Offer with the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust
July 23Important Details: President Jimmy Carter Book Signing at the Co-op 7/24
July 20Events 7/20-8/2: President Jimmy Carter, Sara Paretsky, Layne Mosler w/Dmitry Samarov
July 5July Events: President Jimmy Carter, Sara Paretsky, Women of Mystery Panel
July 2Co-op Member Credits Now Available
June 29Book Signing with Former President Jimmy Carter on July 24
June 15Events 6/15-6/29 + July Preview
June 7Events 6/8-6/15: Saul Bellow Centennial Celebration, H.W. Brands on Reagan, Dolen Perkins-Valez + Michael Žantovský on Václav Havel
May 31Events 6/1-6/8: Annual Sale, 57th Street Art Fair + UChicago Alumni Weekend Edition
May 24Events 5/25-6/1: Taigen Dan Leighton, n + 1's "City by City," Steve Fiffer & Adar Cohen on "Jimmie Lee & James"
May 22Annual Member Sale 5/30 - 6/7 + Improved Member Credit Program
May 17Events 5/18 - 5/25: Conscientious Objector Rory Fanning, Yiddish Culture After the Holocaust + "Educating for Insurgency"
May 1050% Off Sale + Events 5/11-5/18: Aleksandar Hemon @ the Hideout, Elizabeth Alexander, Alice Dreger + 6 Authors at Jimmy's 
May 3Events 5/4-5/11: Sandy Tolan, "The Mathematician's Shiva" "Galileo's Middle Finger" + More
April 26Events 4/27-5/4: 2014 Booker Prize Winner Richard Flanagan, Independent Bookstore Day + the Final Acts of Poetry Month
April 19Events 4/20-4/27: Doctors, Detectives, Dystopia + "Becoming Richard Pryor"
April 12Events 4/13-4/20: Katha Pollitt, Chigozie Obioma, Liesl Shurtliff Book Launch + "The WPA Papers"
April 5Events 4/6-4/13: Amit Chaudhuri x2, David Krugler on 1919 Race Riots & an Afternoon at the Robie House
March 29Events 3/30 - 4/5: Blue Balliett Book Release, David Roediger w/Micah Uetricht, "Octavia's Brood" + non-Easter "Eggs"
March 22Events, the Ish Edition: Kazuo Ishiguro w/Aleksandar Hemon, Aron Dunlap on Lacan & "Octavia's Brood: Science Fiction from Social Movements"
March 15March (Events) Madness: Garry Wills, Bill Ayers w/Crystal Laura, Jo Walton, Gillian O'Brien & Jeanne Bishop Book Launch
March 8Events, International Women's Day Edition: Wonder Woman, Ethel Payne, Jo Walton + Fresh Ayers w/Crystal Laura
March 1Events, Ish of March Edition: Michael Heaney w/Bill Ayers, Poetry x2 & Žižek-endorsed "Creepiness"
February 23Events 2/23-3/2: Kazuo Ishiguro tickets on sale, Boris Fishman, and Memoryhouse Magazine release party
February 20From the Vaults: Harper Lee + Laura Ingalls Wilder Pre-orders and a Back Stock Sale
February 15Events 2/16-2/23: David Axelrod, 3 UChicago Poets & the Legacy of Dr. Julian H. Lewis
February 8Events 2/9-2/16: Charles Baxter, Vladimir Pištalo, David Axelrod
February 1Events 2/2 - 2/12: Spanish Literature(s) in Translation, Charles Baxter, Vladimir Pištalo & Other Reasons to Dig Out
January 25Events 1/26-2/1: Cornel West, Human Rights, Experimental Theater + Other Ways to Welcome February
January 18Events 1/21-1/28: 3CT Cocktail Reception, #WeNeedDiverseBooks Panel Discussion & Other Balms for Winter Blues
January 13Introducing... Winter Events with the Co-op: Tournaments, Parties and Other Reasons to Brave the Cold
December 8Events 12/8 - 12/31: En Guerre, Launches, Salons & a Guide
December 5Reminder: Membership Meeting + 10% Off 12/8
December 3Holiday shopping the Wright way
December 1Events 12/2 - 12/7: From Paretsky to Picture Books + so much more
November 28Small Business Saturday, 2014 Holiday Gift Guide + Event Preview
November 202014 National Book Award Winners + Ursula K. Le Guin's call to arms