Nightmare Christmas

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With family picsfrom the 1930 s to 1970 s the hidden face of Santa Claus is portrayed in this incredible gift book that offers a portrait gallery of the worst, weirdes, and ugliest Santa Clauses.
Santa as you have never seen him.
According to folktales, ads and toy stores, Santa Claus is always portlyand joyous. Is it really truth? What if Santa Claus has a hidden face, far away from the Christmas spirit...
From the 30 s to the 70 s, this incredible gift book offers a portrait galleryof the worst, weirdest, ugliest but totally authentic Santa Claus in recent history. The art collector Jean-Marie Donat travelled the world and the ea marketsto reunite this unimaginable collection of Nigthmare Christmas.
After that you will so be happy to not believe in Santa Claus anymore!!!!"
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