The Ninja Handbook

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Bursting with insider information about ninja weapons, survival skills, training practices, stealth techniques, and famous warriors, THE NINJA HANDBOOK is the only book any ninja enthusiast will ever need.

This heavily illustrated handbook is packed with everything you'd ever want to know about ninjas:

*The code of the ninja
*Ninja history
*Ninja weaponry from dirks and throwing stars to swords, climbing weapons, and hidden weaponry
*Ninja costumes--how to dress for battle
*How to run, walk, climb, and escape danger like a ninja
*How to "fly" like a ninja
*How to walk on water
*The art of illusion
*The art of eavesdropping, information gathering, and covert message delivery
*The art of disguise
*Ninja survival skills
*Ninja training manual
*Spotlights on the most famous and deadliest ninjas throughout history
*Spotlights on female ninjas

Publication Date: 
January 29, 2019