Njinga of Angola: Africa's Warrior Queen

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Though largely unknown in the West, the seventeenth-century African queen Njinga was one of the most multifaceted rulers in history, a woman who rivaled Queen Elizabeth I in political cunning and military prowess. In this landmark book, based on nine years of research, Linda Heywood reveals how this Cleopatra of central Africa skillfully navigated―and ultimately transcended―the ruthless, male-dominated power struggles of her time.

"A thorough, serious, and long overdue study of a fascinating ruler, Njinga of Angola is an essential addition to the study of the black Atlantic world."
Ta-Nehisi Coates

"Heywood tells the fascinating story of arguably the greatest queen in sub-Saharan African history, who surely deserves a place in the pantheon of revolutionary world leaders."
Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

"This fine biography attempts to reconcile her political acumen with the human sacrifices, infanticide, and slave trading by which she consolidated and projected power."
--New Yorker

"Njinga of Angola sets out to replace sensationalism with facts...Heywood preserves all of the complexity of Njinga and her politics in a book that provides the most complete and foundational history."
--Times New Literary Supplement

Publication Date: 
February 25, 2019