Non-Gala Gala

Members and Friends,

The Seminary Co-op and 57th Street Books are places where informed readers find books that surprise, challenge, delight, and impress; where the most seasoned of readers feel a sense of wonder in discovering a book; and where our communities come together over a shared recognition of the insight and fulfillment that knowledge, ideas, and literature provide. Today, when independent bookstores and print media are of paramount importance, and when neighborhood spaces are vital, it is imperative that we support this mission.

How can you help? By not attending our non-gala gala

That is, rather than showing up to a fancy event, buying new clothes, getting a tuxedo cleaned (or altered!), hiring a babysitter, paying for valet parking, shouting over blaring music, drinking too much (or too little), the Seminary Co-op Board of Directors and Non-Gala Gala Host Committee invite you to stay home and read a book 

We invite you to give a gift to support the stores from now until 10/18/18, a date chosen to mark the 57th anniversary of the founding of the Seminary Co-op at its old location of 5757 S. University Ave., and to celebrate 57th Street Books.

With warm wishes that you may stay home and read a book,

The Non-Gala Gala Host Committee

The Seminary Co-op Board of Directors

Your gifts are voluntary and not tax deductible for federal tax purposes
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