Not a Wake: A Dream Embodying (Pi)'s Digits Fully for 10000 Decimals

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"Not A Wake" is a collection of poetry, short stories, a play, a movie script, crossword puzzles and other surprises, constructed according to a unique principle: counting the number of letters in successive words of the text (the first word has 3 letters, the next word has 1 letter, the next word has 4 letters, and so on) reveals the first 10,000 digits of the famous mathematical number pi (3.14159265358979...). Fans of the number pi, constrained writing (such as Georges Perec's "La Disparition"), wordplay, puzzles, or experimental prose and poetry will find much to savor in this, the first book-length work based on the pi constraint.
Publication Date: 
February 17, 2010