Notes of an Aging Pervert

Notes of an Aging Pervert

From the legendary co-author of The Ethical Slut comes this meditation on aging. With the awareness and insights she has garnered through life as a kinky celebrant of alternative and extreme sexualities, Janet W. Hardy's Notes of an Aging Pervert considers everything from wrinkles and hair loss to body modification and conscious dying - and how to fit into the changing human forms we end up becoming along the way.

This concise collection of spirited essays and joyful illustrations is often funny, occasionally sad, and sometimes mind-bending. Who among us can actually imagine an existence outside time, space, and the body? Assuredly a great read for anyone whose pathway diverges from the main road, Notes of an Aging Pervert is also a book for those who are aging - which is to say everyone. Any queer-identifying person, and a sizable number of straight ones, will find some rich, inspiring, and provocative ideas to ponder here, all shared in straightforward, accessible language that does away with the jargon often defining discussions of such complex subjects.

Publication Date: 
September 12, 2023