The O. Henry Prize Stories 2016

The O. Henry Prize Stories 2016
The O. Henry Prize Stories 2016 gathers twenty of the best short stories of the year, selected from thousands published in literary magazines. The winning stories range in setting from Japan at the outset of World War II to a remote cabin in the woods of Wyoming, and the characters that inhabit them range from a misanthropic survivor of an apocalyptic flood to a unicorn hidden in a suburban house. Whether fantastical or realistic, gothic or lyrical, the stories here are uniformly breathtaking. They are accompanied by the editor's introduction, essays from the eminent jurors on their favorites, observations from the winning writers on what inspired them, and an extensive resource list of magazines.


Irises, Elizabeth Genovise
The Mongerji Letters, Geetha Iyer
Narrator, Elizabeth Tallent
Bonus Baby, Joe Donnelly
Divergence, David H. Lynn
A Simple Composition, Shruti Swamy
Storm Windows, Charles Haverty
Train to Harbin, Asako Serizawa
Dismemberment, Wendell Berry
Exit Zero, Marie-Helene Bertino
Cigarettes, Sam Savage
Temples, Adrienne Celt
Safety, Lydia Fitzpatrick
Bounty, Diane Cook
A Single Deliberate Thing, Zebbie Watson
The Crabapple Tree, Robert Coover
Winter 1965, Frederic Tuten
They Were Awake, Rebecca Evanhoe
Slumming, Ottessa Moshfegh
Happiness, Ron Carlson
The Jurors on Their Favorites: Molly Antopol, Peter Cameron, Lionel Shriver
The Writers on Their Work
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September 6, 2016