Official Social Security Administration Answers to 100 Frequently Asked Questions About Retirement

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For most Americans, Social Security is their largest financial asset, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and indexed against increases in the cost of living. But it is estimated that Americans lose $10 billion a year in unclaimed benefits. This is money that has been earned, that they are entitled to, and is lost forever. It can total tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for an individual over the course of their retirement.Why is this money lost? Because almost no one can understand the 2,711 core laws (and counting) and thousands of codicils that comprise the program. Taxpayers wanting answers to their questions such as "What is the best age to to start receiving retirement benefits?" can call the SSA 800#, go to a field office, or attempt to wade through the information available on the SSA website. This book sifts through the blizzard of information available from the SSA to provide the answers that will help you maximize your benefits.
Publication Date: 
March 6, 2018