The Ogallala Road

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"A moving story of love and loss, denial and reckoning, and the emergence of a new kind of hope." --Ruth Ozeki

When Julene Bair inherits part of a large farm on the High Plains of Kansas, she intends to honor her father's commandment, "Hang on to your land!" But she learns some troubling facts about the ecological harm done by farms like hers, which depend on water pumped from the rapidly depleting Ogallala Aquifer. A single mother balancing multiple allegiances, she meets Ward, a rancher who she hopes will become her partner in seeking a path to save her legacy.

The Ogallala Road eloquently interweaves pressing issues of environmental degradation with a deeply personal story of love and family. Bair's moving memoir, capturing her unfolding love affair and search for a new way to farm, powerfully updates the literature of the American West.

Publication Date: 
August 4, 2015