& in Open, Marvel

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"With taut attention, Felicia Zamora witnesses wonders that would break open a heart. This is a book that makes me want to live more fully in our marvelous world." --Camille T. Dungy, author of Trophic Cascade

"Water, birds, parts of the body, the movement of a hive, scientific lexicons, lush diction, Felicia Zamora's poems connect and disconnect these things in equal parts microscopic investigation and knotty and ornamental declaration. There's a consciousness here that openly marvels at all states of being and becoming, even its own, offering readers language as metaphysical gateway to experience; that the gate can be entered from either side is Zamora's signature stratagem." --Noah Eli Gordon, author of The Word Kingdom in the Word Kingdom

& in Open, Marvel grapples with wonder in everyday existence. A sense of quietness through seasonal change threads the interlaced contemplations in the collection, which approach the twice-removed space we occupy from the physical world. The act of mind and body is experienced as a journey for both writer and reader. How we are all elements in fall. How we are all purpose. How what makes us connects us. How there are lovely works beyond us, which in turn, include us. How we plead to ourselves, See . . . just see.

Felicia Zamora is the author of the books Of Form & Gather, winner of the 2016 AndrÉs Montoya Poetry Prize (University of Notre Dame Press) and Instrument of Gaps (Slope Editions, 2017).

Publication Date: 
October 1, 2017