Our Supporters

The Seminary Co-op Bookstores are grateful to our community members who generously supported our stores with financial gifts. Your unwavering commitment and contributions have been instrumental in sustaining our operations, maintaining our exceptional selection of books, and allowing us to foster a vibrant community of readers and thinkers. Thank you for being integral to our journey and sharing our love for books and discovery. The bookstores would like to name the following members of the Giving Circle for the 2024 - 2025 season. 

 Visionary Circle 

  • Gustavo Bamberger & Martha Van Haitsma
  • James E. & Laura L. Schwinn

Sustaining Circle

Leaders Circle

  • Deborah Epstein
  • John Mark Hansen
  • Sharon Salveter
  • Geoffrey Stone
  • Harold Wilde

Patrons Circle

  • Adom Getachew
  • Aziz Huq
  • Christie Henry
  • Natalie Moore
  • Ydalmi Noriega
  • Katie Parsons
  • Andrew Simnick

Family Circle for 57th Street

  • Katarzyna Bartoszynska
  • Constance Spreen

Offset Circle

  • Eddie Betesh
  • Michelle Chen
  • David Dean
  • Roger Ferlo
  • Alex Houston
  • Adrian Johns
  • Stephen Lipmann
  • Lance Rips
  • Eleonore Stump
  • Deborah & David Stone
  • Rebecca Torstrick