The Oxford Dictionary of Statistical Terms

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The Oxford Dictionary of Statistical Terms
The Oxford Dictionary of Statistical Terms is the much-awaited sixth edition of the acclaimed standard reference work in statistics, published on behalf of the International Statistical Institute. The first edition, known as the Dictionary of Statistical Terms, was edited in 1957 by the late
Sir Maurice Kendall and the late Dr. W.R. Buckland. As one of the first dictionaries of statistics it set high standards for the subject and became a well-respected reference. This new edition has been carefully updated and extended to include the most recent terminology and techniques in
statistics. Significant revision and expansion from an international editorial board of senior statisticians has resulted in a comprehensive reference text, which includes 30%, more material than previous editions. Ideal for all who use statistics in the workplace and in research including all
scientists and social scientists, especially in law, politics, economics, finance, business and history, it is an indispensable reference.
Publication Date: 
September 20, 2006