Paris Haussmann

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Throughout the nineteenth century, Paris underwent profound transformations that reached every part of the city. Georges Eugene Haussmann, prefect of France's Departement Seine, who was behind the master plan for this rebuilding of the capital, embodies this century of public works that continues to shape the city today.

Paris Haussmann explores the characteristics of this homogenous yet polymorphous city, the result of the lengthy process of "Haussmannization." For the first time, editors Benoit Jallon, Umberto Napolitano, and Franck Boutte have conducted extensive research on roadways, public spaces, and buildings and blocks, among other aspects, in order to explore the capacity of the Haussmann model to contend with the challenges contemporary cities are faced with today. In addition to a wealth of new research, the book features nearly five hundred illustrations, including maps, photographs, plans, and axonometric projections.

Publication Date: 
August 15, 2017