People's Pornography:Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet

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Since its establishment in 1949, the People's Republic of China has upheld a nationwide ban on pornography, imposing harsh punishments on those caught purchasing, producing, or distributing materials deemed a violation of public morality. A provocative contribution to Chinese media studies by a well-known international media researcher, "People s Pornography" offers a wide-ranging overview of the political controversies surrounding the ban, as well as a fascinating glimpse into the many distinct media subcultures that have gained widespread popularity on the Chinese Internet as a result. Rounding out this exploration of the many new tendencies in digital citizenship, pornography, and activist media cultures in the greater China region are thought-provoking interviews with individuals involved.A timely contribution to the existing literature on sexuality, Chinese media, and Internet culture, "People s Pornography "provides a unique angle on the robust voices involved in the debate over about pornography s globalization."

Publication Date: 
February 13, 2012