Peter Gabriel

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Peter Gabriel is one of contemporary music's great experimenters. From his work in the progressive group Genesis, through his pioneering solo albums, to his enthusiastic embrace of world music and new technologies, Gabriel has remained steadfast in his commitment to redefining music's boundaries and influence--geographical, virtual, and thematic.

Peter Gabriel offers nuanced and trenchant insight into this enigmatic, questing musician and his works, into an artist whose constant traveling--through identities, influences, and media--defines him as one of modern culture's truly global citizens. At the heart of Paul Hegarty's analysis is the idea of locatedness: what it means to be in a specific place at a given time, and to reflect on that time and the changes which inevitably occur. Gabriel's work, Hegarty argues, can be understood as a series of reflections on the "where" of being--a facet of existence that spans everything from politics to psychology, philosophy, psychogeography, and inward reflection.
Publication Date: 
August 15, 2018