Philosophy of Adam Smith : The Adam Smith Review, Volume 5: Essays Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Theory of Moral Sentiments

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Adam Smith's contribution to economics is well-recognised but in recent years scholars have been exploring the philosophical aspects of his works. The Philosophy of Adam Smith contains essays by some of the most prominent philosophers and scholars working on Adam Smith today. It is a special issue of The Adam Smith Review, commemorating the 250th anniversary of Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments. 

Contributors to this volume include Stephen Darwall, Fonna Forman-Barzilai, Patrick Frierson, Charles L. Griswold, Ryan Patrick Hanley, Alice MacLachlan, Bence Nanay, Angelica Nuzzo, D.D. Raphael, Ian Simpson Ross, Emma Rothschild, Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, Arby Ted Siraki and Robert Urquhart, who discuss:

  • The phenomenology of moral life
  • Sympathy, moral judgment and the impartial spectator
  • Issues such as aesthetics, value, honour, resentment, praise-worthiness, cosmopolitanism and religion
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    June 21, 2014