Photography and Africa

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Photography and Africa

A land comprising more than fifty nations and innumerable cultural and geographic variations, from harsh desert to lush jungle, Africa has long been a favorite subject for photographers. Since the advent of the medium in the first half of the nineteenth century, a myriad of photographers--both indigenous and immigrant, amateur and professional, explorer and colonist, naturalist and artist--have recorded intrepid expeditions, documented flora and fauna, and chronicled the transformations of the cultural landscape.

Photography and Africa investigates the many themes that intertwine the photographs with the circumstances of their creation. Presenting a wealth of astonishing and rare images, Erin Haney brings together some of the most vibrant examples captured in the continent. From royal portraiture in the nineteenth-century Cape Coast to staged vignettes of old Cairo streets to apartheid-era South African resistance photography, this book illustrates the fascinating and long-standing relationship between Africa and the photograph.

A powerful and celebratory insight into Africa's relationship with the photograph, Photography and Africa will appeal to those interested in the photography and culture of Africa and how the two have interacted and informed each other over time.

Publication Date: 
October 20, 2010