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Place-Discipline lyricizes 21st century subjectivity as the byproduct of, and resistance to, global capitalism's necropolitics and the encroachment of occult financial industries and vectoralism on the human's right to chaotic embodiment and trans-formation. Taking its title from Sun Ra's 1972 album, Discipline 27-II, Moctezuma's book explores hybridity, hyphenation, and heliocentric border-crossing as possible alternatives to the darkening "white magic" of cognitive capitalism and cultural gentrification. At once a disquisition on the economics of austerity and a response to the enforced scarcity in our rights to spectral identity, difference, and translanguaging, Place-Discipline seeks to bypass the binary code of depoliticization by reaching the plateau of an enunciation which speaks through fracture, and which sings through DuSablean absence.
Publication Date: 
October 2, 2018

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