Plays for Three

Plays for Three
PLAYS FOR THREE is a unique anthology of 23 outstanding plays for three actors by an exciting mix of established and emerging playwrights.

Everyone's heard that "Two's company, three's a crowd." That may be true on a date, but on stage, three is a magic number. Add a third character to any interaction and the dramatic possibilities increase exponentially: suddenly there's competition, intrigue, shifting allegiances, comic misunderstandings, secrets and lies. Triangles make excellent drama, and three-handers offer the kind of substantial and challenging roles that actors love. Plays for Three offers six full-length and seventeen short plays featuring dramatic trios of every sort.

Rob Ackerman
Pete Barry
Stephen Belber
Cesi Davidson
Adrienne Dawes
Philip Dawkins
Catherine Filloux
Madeleine George
Amlin Gray
Frank Higgins
Cory Hinkle
Wendy Kesselman
Eric Lane
Kitt Lavoie
Mark Harvey Levine
Matthew Lopez
Donald Margulies
Anna Moench
A. Rey Pamatmat
David Riedy
Nina Shengold
Stephen Webb
Craig Wright

Publication Date: 
November 10, 2015