Pokemon Visual Companion Second Edition

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Newly updated to cover the Kalos region, characters, and events, the Pokémon Visual Companion is the essential guide to the animated world of Pokémon. This volume collects the entirety of the Pokémon experience. From ASH to Zoroark, from Kanto to Pokémon's effect in our world, we catch it all. Featuring plot and stills from each season of the television animated series, amazing art, and a breakdown of every gym badge and contest ribbon, this ultimate collectible is the requisite reference for every Pokémon fan.

Coverage includes:

- Comprehensive coverage of the entire Pokémon animated world.

- Updated to cover new characters and events, as well as the Kalos region.

- The ultimate reference to key human characters and their Pokémon, Gym Battles,

- Contests, Tournaments, Championships, major events, Legendary Pokémon, and much more.

- Packed with amazing art and fascinating facts and features.

- Guaranteed to delight any Pokémon fan.

Publication Date: 
November 15, 2016