Portraits from the Park:Comiskey Park Photographs, 1973-1990

Portraits from the Park:Comiskey Park Photographs, 1973-1990

Chicago's old Comiskey Park, home to the White Sox until 1990, is as essential to the city's cultural history as it is to baseball's. From the first day that Thomas W. Harney set out to photograph fans in the ballpark, he felt at home there, owing to memories of games with his father and grandfather. It became his ongoing subject, as well as a setting that would inspire his growing reputation as a street photographer.

The sequence of portraits Harney took of White Sox fans between 1973 and the last game played at the park--September 30, 1990--captures the essence of baseball fandom: pregame excitement, exploration of the ballpark, the quiet moments in between plays, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. Most importantly, these portraits capture the aura of "Old Comiskey," a ballpark that looms large in the memories of Chicagoans and baseball fans alike.

Publication Date: 
April 15, 2013