Practice Makes Perfect : Basic Math

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More than 1 million books sold in the Practice Makes Perfect series!
Based on the successful approach of the Practice Makes Perfect series, a basic math workbook that allows students to reinforce their skills through key concepts and 500 exercises

About the Book
A no-nonsense practical guide to this subject, Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Math offers practice in very basic mathematics skills in an area also sometimes called remedial math. It covers the skills necessary to pass the GED and the math students need to know for community college. Students get reviews of arithmetic, multiplication, division, basic geometry and algebra, as well as negative numbers, square roots, working with fractions, and more.
Offering a winning formula for getting a handle on mathematics right away, Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Math is an indispensable resource for anyone who wants a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

Key Selling Features

  • Not focused on any particular test or exam, but complementary to most basic math curricula
  • More than 500 exercises and answers covering all aspects of basic math
  • Large trim allows clear presentation of exercises, worked problems, and explained answers
  • The Practice Makes Perfect series has sales of 1 million-plus copies in the language category--now applied to mathematics

    For students who need to review and practice basic math, whether to keep up with class work or to prepare for a test or exam

    Author Information
    Carolyn Wheater (Hawthorne, NJ)
    teaches middle school and upper school mathematics at the Nightingale-Bamford School in New York City. Educated at Marymount Manhattan College and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, she has taught math and computer technology for 30 years to students from preschool through college. She is a member of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the Association of Teachers in Independent Schools.

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    June 11, 2012