Property Rules:Political Economy in Chicago, 1833-1872

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In Property Rules, Robin L. Einhorn uses City Council records-previously thought destroyed-and census data to track the course of city government in Chicago, providing an important reinterpretation of the relationship between political and social structures in the nineteenth-century American city.

A Choice "Outstanding Academic Book"
"[A] masterful study of policy-making in Chicago."-Choice

"[A] major contribution to urban and political history. . . . [A]n excellent book."-Jeffrey S. Adler, American Historical Review

"[A]n enlightening trip. . . . Einhorn's foray helps make sense out of the transition from Jacksonian to Gilded Age politics on the local level. . . . [She] has staked out new ground that others would do well to explore."-Arnold R. Hirsch, American Journal of Legal History

"A well-documented and informative classic on urban politics."-Daniel W. Kwong, Law Books in Review

Publication Date: 
December 1, 2001