Prophet, Warrior, and Legend : Selections Exploring the Real Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Prophet, Warrior, and Legend : Selections Exploring the Real Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. was perhaps the most influential American, black or white, of the twentieth century. The impact of his "I have a dream" has been so pervasive that its message of a color-blind society continues to resonate throughout nearly every fabric of American consciousness. But who was the real Martin Luther King, Jr.? Was he a prophet, plagiarist, adulterer, or visionary? Was he a "man of God" or trouble-maker? Was he a threat to the sanctity of the American Constitution, or a sexual opportunist who used the pulpit as the entrie to illicit affairs? Maybe he was none of these. Maybe he was all of these.
The collection of readings in "Prophet, Warrior, and Legend" attempts to answer these perplexing questions about one of the most complex individuals in American history. Students will see from King's own words the passion with which he fought injustices, and from the words of observers and academics who attempt to place the man and his actions into some form of understandable context. Perhaps most importantly, these readings will encourage the post civil rights generations to embrace their own frailties as assets and not detriments as they seek out their own moral convictions and God-given responsibilities.
Ronald E. Goodwin completed his undergraduate degree from Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas, while serving on active duty in the US Air Force. After his honorable discharge from the military, he completed graduate degrees in Urban Transportation Planning and Management (MS) and US History (MA) and is a PhD candidate. His current research interests include urban history, the impacts of planning decisions on neighborhood development, and the historical development of Texas' black community as seen through the Texas Slave Narratives.
Publication Date: 
July 31, 2012