The Seminary Co-op is thrilled to announce the launch of two publishing ventures, both of which will draw on the bookstores’ commitment to championing books that endure and to advocating for the cultural work of bookselling.

Seminary Co-op Offsets, an imprint of Northwestern University Press, is a showcase for outstanding work in literature and the humanities, focusing on new translations, lost classics, out-of-print gems, and works highlighting the rich literary history of the South Side of Chicago. We will be announcing our inaugural title later this summer.

Ode Books, an imprint of  Prickly Paradigm Press, whose late founder, Marshall Sahlins, was a long-standing champion of the Co-op, will celebrate book spaces and the book industry, publishing reflections on the cultural value of the book, analyses of the challenges that the industry faces, and ruminations on the intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic pleasures of reading. Ode Books will publish its first volumes in 2022. Authors currently under contract include Donna Seaman and Paul Yamazaki.

Proposals for both Ode Books and Seminary Co-op Offsets can be sent to