Puppy Problems: The Dog’s-Eye View on Tackling Puppy Problems

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Puppy Problems: The Dog?s-Eye View on Tackling Puppy Problems
Not only is Puppy Care: Dog's Eye View an indispensable guide to the first year--and beyond--but it's also the first book to look at situations from the puppy's, as well as the human's, point of view. And if you are able to take a puppy-level view of your new pet's life, it will help you to understand why he loves what he loves, what things might scare him, and why he does the things you'd prefer he didn't do. In a sensible, easy-to-follow text that offers invaluable insights into the world as seen through your puppy's eyes, you'll find essential guidance on: eating, sleeping, playing, training, socializing (both with people and with other dogs), problem-solving, and building the best-ever relationship with your puppy.
Publication Date: 
October 1, 2019