Putin: A Man's Manual of Manliness

Putin: A Man's Manual of Manliness
A hilarious spoof gift activity book featuring everyone's favorite Russian premier, packed with amusing stories, games, and inspirational quotes from the man himself.

Putin's manual of manliness will lead you into a wilderness world where men are men, and every year a team of publicity supremos follow you on your annual vacation to photograph you for your bestselling annual calendar. Pictured bare-chested astride a mighty steed, Vlad cuts a fine figure of a man's man.

Packed with games, stories, and imagined ephemera, including deluxe full color pin-up portraits, each accompanied with surprising quotes from the man himself; inspirational tips and hacks for retro-sexual outdoor adventures; Putin's Puzzle Pages, with word searches, crosswords, and spot the difference; and delightful coloring-in and join-the-dots pages--follow the numbers to reveal the wild tiger that Vlad has just shot a tranquilizer dart into. This highly amusing book will offer a sometimes shocking but mostly hilarious portrait of everyone's favorite Russian Action Man.

Publication Date: 
October 22, 2019