A Really Short History of Nearly Everything

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A Really Short History of Nearly Everything
Explore the mysteries of the universe without ever leaving your home! Bill Bryson takes on the world of science and answers questions big and small, perfect for curious readers looking to learn outside of the classroom!

Did you know that:

- Every atom in your body has almost certainly passed through several stars and been part of millions of organisms on its way to being you?

- If you are an average-sized kid, you have enough potential energy inside you to explode with the force of several hydrogen bombs?

And--What happened to dinosaurs? How big is the universe? Why are oceans salty? Is a meteor going to hit us?

Tackling everything from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization, Bill Bryson's inimitable storytelling skill makes the why, how, and, just as importantly, the who of scientific discovery entertaining and accessible for young readers.

Publication Date: 
October 20, 2009